This course provides an introduction to science communication for botanic garden professionals. We will look at definitions of science communication, the history and public opinions around science and share lots of examples of science communication being carried out at botanic gardens and other relevant institutions. 

By the end of this module you will:

  • Understand science communication as a participatory approach that relies on dialogue to empower people to engage with science
  • Become familiar with current trends in the public opinion and trust in science
  • Develop science communication strategies that are tailored to specific audiences
  • Recognise good practice in science communication and feel confident to innovate at your own institution

Audience: Those who are interested in science communication
Level: Foundation
Length: 3 hours

Access for BGCI members: Free (please use the enrollment key which can be found in the SheepApp or contact BGCI). Click on the course title to begin.

Access for non-BGCI members: Please contact BGCI for more information